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Welcome to the STARTrading Podcast, hosted by Lewis Crompton and Sophie Foote. New episodes added each week.

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Episode 20

Celebrating 20 Episodes Of The Podcast!

Join Lewis and Sophie to celebrate reaching episode 20, reflect on the past episodes and...

Episode 19

Meet Simon – STARTrading Community Member

We find out about Simon's time as a STARTrading student and what he has loved so far about his trading training..

Episode 18

Let Us Introduce Random Distribution & The Coin Game

This week, Lewis and Sophie discuss random distribution - what is it, why should we understand it and...

Episode 17

Meet Adam – STARTrading Community Member

This week on the podcast we're joined by Adam, one of STARTrading's lovely community...

Episode 16

The Top 10 Forex Trading Questions

This week on the podcast Sophie & Lewis answer the most-asked questions on forex trading!

Episode 15

Scams! How To Avoid Them & Stay Safe!

This week Sophie and Lewis are joined by Ben as we discuss the common scams are and how to avoid them!

Episode 14

Exposed: The Worst Trading Training Company Ever!

This week we discuss the worst trading training companies out there to help you stay safe!

Episode 13

How To Legally Double Your Money in 12 Months!

This week Sophie and Lewis discuss how we can double our money totally legally within 12 months!

Episode 12

What’s Your Trader Personality Type?

In this episode, we discuss our trader personality types and how this will affect your trading...

Episode 11

Our Number One Profitable Strategy Revealed

This week Sophie and Lewis reveal the STARTrading strategy that is most profitable...

Episode 10

Property vs. Trading – Which is best?

This week Sophie and Lewis are talking about property vs. trading, which is a better investment?

Episode 09

Meet Sarah – Beginner to Live Trader in 2 Months!

This week we are joined by Sarah who is part of the STARTrading community - listen in to hear how Sarah...

Episode 08

What Just Happened? Huge Wins For Our Community!

Lewis and Sophie discuss how one of our strategies recently resulted in a lot of wins for our community!

Episode 07

What NOT To Do When Starting Trading

This week Lewis and Sophie chat about the pitfalls that people often fall into when first learning to trade.

Episode 06

Mastering Your Mindset with Special Guest Rymel Dmot

It's an exciting week on the podcast as Lewis and Sophie and joined by Rymel Dmot our very own Mindset Coach.

Episode 05

Revamp Your Trading Plan – From Sucky to Successful!

This week, Lewis and Sophie discuss having a plan when trading – have you got one?

Episode 04

Mind Games of Trading – Tackling Fear and Greed!

This week, Lewis and Sophie discuss the two most important emotions within trading - fear and greed!

Episode 03

Trader Life Hacks – Beyond Rolexes and Jets!

This week on the STARTrading podcast, Lewis and Sophie are joined by the STARTrading head mentor Josh Jones!

Episode 02

How To Replace Your Income Through Trading!

In this episode, Lewis and Sophie talk about how to trade safely and to replace your income. Lewis explains that the more...

Episode 01

Who & What Even is STARTrading?

On this first episode of the STARTrading Podcast, Lewis and Sophie get straight into it – what is STARTrading...