The STARTrading team are experts at teaching people to trade in a realistic but short time frame and getting our students real trading results.

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STARTrading was founded by Lewis Crompton in 2019

Taught by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and then headhunted to teach for them, Lewis has been trading financial markets for over 10 years and has taught thousands of people how to stay safe and get profitable through trading.

Lewis went from working in retail and being in debt, to trading profitably, to using those trading profits to invest in other assets, to being able to own and renovate his own home, to being able to give to charitable causes and travel the world on a whim.

He now considers it his calling (or duty) to help others achieve what he did through trading and attain financial freedom and an improved quality of life.

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STARTrading Founder Lewis Crompton

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We're all about financial peace, community and connection.

STARTrading is NOT about fast cars, fancy watches, champagne bottle popping in clubs, or getting rich quick with zero effort. Instead, we’re all about financial peace, charity endeavours, community and connection.

We work daily and tirelessly to help our mentees achieve their life goals and use trading as the vehicle to making that happen. Whatever your ambition, we’ll help get you there.

We’re truly invested in your success, providing you with an amazing community and a step-by-step process to trade successfully in just 30 minutes a day.

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Meet the team

Alongside Lewis, STARTrading is a growing team, all with a vast amount of experience of trading successfully and helping others to do the exact same. Get to know them a bit better below.

Lewis Crompton Founder of STARTrading


Founder and CEO

Lewis has been trading the financial markets for nearly 10 years. He is a leading voice in the industry, championing safe, systematic and profitable trading techniques. He created and developed the STARTrading Method over many years of trading and also teaching countless people internationally how to become successful traders.

Josh STARTrading Mentor


Head Mentor

Before becoming a successful trader, Josh was a teacher working at schools in and around Cheltenham where he lives. When not trading, Josh can be found at the gym, powerlifting, or tinkering with his camper van. Josh is an incredibly skilled, patient and systematic teacher that has taught many to master the STARTrading Method and to trade successfully.

Ben STARTrading Team Member


Membership Specialist

Ben has a background in martial arts and also works as a personal trainer. Ben joined STARTrading as a student in 2022 and has now joined the team as membership specialist. His role is to help you find the best way to make the quickest progress based on your personal situation. He is a real asset to the team and always approachable and helpful.

Collage representing STARTrading support team and community

The Gang

Support Team

We have a very active and supportive community who we believe to be the best community out there. They are caring, supportive and inspiring, and help every single person who joins STARTrading towards making the best progress that they can. The great thing about trading – there is no competition, the more the merrier!

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