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20 Jul 2023

What does success look like to you?

By the very merit of you reading this, you are clearly an individual who wants to make a success of trading.

However, desiring success in and of itself is a little pointless and can also be slightly depressing.

We need to get specific with what it is we are wanting to succeed in and what that success looks like.

Are you looking to simply achieve positive growth on your account this year? Perhaps you want to earn enough to go part-time or leave your job completely? Or maybe you want to be the next Warren Buffet?

You have to decide what success looks like for you. Really define it, get clear on it.

How will this help you on your trading journey?

Firstly, it is going to give you a measurable goal. Without being able to measure where your success is, it becomes less likely to ever happen.

On top of this, your definition of success will directly impact your mindset. This is hugely important as trading is so often a battle of the emotions and mind.

As such, you need to define your success in such a way that it helps you, benefits you, spurs you on, excites you and does not detract from your trading.

My advice to you…

My advice to you is that if you’re still in the early stages of learning to trade, a process based success definition would be much more beneficial than a results based definition.

What do I mean by a process based definition?

By this I mean that your sense of success should be tied to how much chart time / learning time / analysis time you can achieve per day / week, as opposed to making a particular % each month.

In your first 6-12 months the financial goal should be secondary to your process success definitions.

Beyond that, things can really begin to open up…

Looking longer-term, what would you be happy with as an annual / monthly ROI on your capital? How quickly do you want to get there and why do you want to get there?

Part of your definition of success might actually be to travel the world while making money from your trading. Or it could be having an extra day a week to enjoy with your friends and family.

What’s your definition of trading success going to be?

Success, and our definition of it, is intensely personal and unique to each of us and our desires.

Have you figured out what trading success is going to look like to you?

If you have, wouldn’t you like to know the fastest route to achieving this?

This is part where I tell you that our mentorship programmes can get you from A to B in the quickest time possible…

It’s true but I’m not expecting you to take my word for it from just this article.

Why not schedule a call with me and let’s get to know each other better? On this call we’ll discuss your definition of success and how to get you there as seamlessly as possible.

No tricks, no cost, just good, honest, been-there-done-that advice and information.

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