14 October 2023

The STARTrading Masterclass

Discover how you can grow your wealth and replace your current income using just 30 minutes per day and the STARTrading Method.

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Have you felt like you were overworked, undervalued and underpaid? Maybe you would like to generate cash outside of your current job or even be able to quit that job completely?

Perhaps you simply want to make sure the money you have in the bank is actually making more money for you?

Whatever your current situation, trading has the potential to help you achieve your goal of financial freedom and an improved quality of life.

Join us for this free masterclass and discover how to trade successfully, confidently and safely.

  • DATES: Saturday 14th October
  • TIME: 10:00am – 11:30am (UK)
  • LOCATION: Zoom
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What you will discover...

  • Receive an in-depth overview of the STARTrading Method, as featured in Bloomberg & Yahoo Finance.
  • Discover the secrets to turning small pots of money into large sums of money.
  • ​Discover the roadmap to achieving the level of income you need in order to leave your job completely (if you want to).
  • Uncover how to achieve all of this whilst making sure that all of your earnings are tax free.

Meet your host

Taught by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad and then headhunted to teach for them, Lewis has been trading financial markets for over 10 years and has taught thousands of people how to stay safe and get profitable through trading.

Lewis went from working in retail and being in debt, to trading profitably, to using those trading profits to invest in other assets, to being able to own and renovate his own home, to being able to give to charitable causes and travel the world on a whim.

He now considers it his calling (or duty) to help others achieve what he did through trading and attain financial freedom and an improved quality of life.

Lewis has taught countless people internationally how to become successful traders, and this is your chance to receive training from him for free.

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